The installation of air conditioning systems and chillers is made easier with a wide range of lifting equipment from Kennards Lift & Shift .

Kennards Lift & Shift are a specialist lifting equipment hire company, which can assist with the handling of air conditioning units and chillers of all sizes, from those used in homes to large chillers in office towers.

Smaller Jobs
Handle the installation of smaller air conditioning systems and chillers with a GL lift in two sizes, with lift heights of 3 meters and 3.6 meters. Alternatively T-bar hoists are also available in two sizes, with lift heights of 2.3 meters and 3.3 meters.

Larger Jobs
Gas hoists, which run off compressed air or CO2, are popular for larger jobs. These lightweight aluminium lifting equipment units come in two sizes with lifting heights up to 3.8 meters and 5.6 meters.

Also available for larger jobs are counter-weighted material hoists, which lift units up to 6 meters and have a SWL of 300kg @ 450mm load centre. They weigh 312kg, including 128kg of counterweight, but the legs fold up for transportation.

Gantries, roustabouts and a range of winches can also be hired from Kennards Lift & Shift, while heavy units can be moved and handled on the ground with toe jacks, trolley skates and pallet trucks.