Kennards Lift and Shift has a range of conveyors available for hire, including miniveyors and flexible conveyors. Relatively new to the marketplace, the miniveyors are already proving to be quite popular with their compact design and quick assembly time. 45m of conveyor belt can be assembled in only 15 minutes and no specialist skills or equipment is required. The miniveyors can operate on an inclination of 35O.

These conveyors are ideal for landscapers, swimming pool contractors and civil contractors as well as others who need to move rubble, sand, soil, gravel, fill or mulch. The conveyors provide an easy solution for jobs including retaining walls, planter boxes, excavations and backfill.

Kennards Lift & Shift also has flexible conveyors as part of its conveyor range which is designed to make loading and unloading of trucks faster, safer and easier. The flex conveyor has a 300 kg capacity per linear metre and 720 to 1000mm adjustable conveyor height.

Recently, Kennards Lift & Shift hired out some miniveyors to Bill Rhodes who had to move 35 tonnes of clean fill in a weekend and only had a narrow space to work with. “I could see no other way of getting the job done other than to use a crane,” Rhodes says.

Kennards Lift & Shift recommended the use of 3 x 6m and 2 x 3m miniveyors to tackle the problem. “It worked brilliant and got the job done. We could slot them in the tight space and get them exactly where we needed them,” Rhodes says.

Kennards Lift & Shift, a specialist division of Kennards Hire, are looking to continuously expand and improve their product lines to meet the demands of their customers and offer better performance products. Service representatives are able to handle your enquiries and help provide solutions for all those difficult jobs.