Hiring a rubbish chute system from Kennards Lift and Shift was a smart move by building contractor Peter Bergman.

Not only did the chute speed up the removal of rubble during a large renovation job, but it saved Peter Bergman from becoming unpopular among the other members of his team.

“They would have had to carry the rubble down from upstairs in buckets, and that would not have gone down too well,” he confessed.

Berglen Constructions, which Peter Bergman operates, was renovating a block of six flats at Double Bay, where old kitchens and bathrooms were torn out and walls were demolished.

Kennards Lift and Shift delivered and set up the chute system, comprising five sections, by clamping it to brickwork at the top of the building.

“I hire the rubbish chute for jobs like this because it saves a lot of work. Kennards always have a good range of equipment, and now that you can get more specialised items like this makes it even better,” said Peter Bergman.

“Their staff always seem to be pretty good guys, which is another reason to go there,” added Peter Bergman.

Rubbish chutes are a simple, effective way to move materials from upper storeys. They are made from strong, polypropylene, which minimises noise.

The brackets are available for hooking on to parapets or scaffolding and each section weighs 11kg and is 1100mm high, allowing for a 100mm overlap.

The internal diameter is 500mm at the top and 400mm at the bottom and a minimum of 900mm window width is required when using parapet brackets. Kennards Lift and Shift has hire centres in Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

A specialist equipment division of the Kennards Hire group, it has a wide range of labour-saving equipment specifically designed for lifting, moving and positioning applications. Staffs are fully trained and able to provide advice and solutions for jobs of all difficulties.