Kennards Lift and Shift  has introduced Draeger Saver air breathing rescue kits to complement its confined space and height safety equipment range that is available for hire.

The confined space and height safety equipment range includes a tripod and recovery systems, gas detectors, safety harnesses, rope positioning devices, recovery winches and now the new air breathing rescue kits.

The Draeger Saver air breathing rescue kits are constant flow emergency escape breathing apparatus which allow safe, effective and uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments.

The constant airflow delivery system provides automatic breathable air into the hood instantly when the hood is pulled out from the carry bag.

Other features include a bright orange hood with ozone resist neck seal, wide visor for enhanced peripheral vision, auto release pin, pressure gauge, constant flow pressure reducer and a warning whistle to advise the user that the air is getting low.

A contractor that works for one of the water authorities in Melbourne has already begun hiring the Draeger Saver air breathing rescue kits from Kennards Lift and Shift, and is happy with the equipment that he now hires them on a regular basis.

Also part of Kennards Lift and Shift’s safety equipment range are the tripod and recovery systems that come with a multi function winch which is both a fall arrestor and a recovery winch for raising and lowering people.

The gas detectors are capable of monitoring up to four gases simultaneously and continuously. The gases they detect include CO, H2S, O2 and combustible gases (LELs) for a wide variety of hazardous and confined space applications.