Specialist equipment hire company, Kennards Lift & Shift has introduced new ride-on glass lifters for use by glaziers, builders and various tradespeople.  

The new ride-on glass lifters from Kennards are self-propelled, battery-operated units similar in size and appearance to a mini loader.  

Offering simple and labour-saving operation, the Danish-made ride-on glass lifters reduce risk of breakage, enhance productivity and facilitate a safer workspace.  

The labour-saving device requires only one worker to remove glass from an A-frame, carry it across a firm, flat surface and place it in position.  

Available in a range of models, the ride-on glass lifters can handle glass in varied shapes and sizes.  

GlasLift 351 glass lifters are available from Kennards’ hire centres across Australia and can lift up to 350kg to a height of 2.7m.  

The machine is small and compact enough to fit through doorways. Weight limit is reduced to 100kg if the glass is turned 90 degrees.   

GlasLift 500 ride-on glass lifters are larger machines and available in Brisbane though they can be moved interstate when required.  

GlasLift 500 can lift 500kg to a height of 4.6m.  

Key features of Kennards ride-on glass lifters: 

  • Low pressure hydraulic system makes the machines easy to control and manoeuvre
  • Small adjustments can be made without sudden and sharp movements
  • Operator comfort is ensured with a spring-loaded platform and finger-tip throttle control
  • Simple flick of a lever engages the strong, two-circuit vacuum suction, without the need for adjustments through pulling or pushing   
  • Lifting points on the machines facilitate transportation by truck or trailer
  • Fully serviced and subjected to a strict safety check after every hire
  • Alternative suction discs are available for handling materials such as granite, wood and steel plates

Kennards Lift & Shift operates hire centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.