Kennards Hire Lift & Shift supplied the equipment for installing a 27-feet whaler boat as the centrepiece of the Gallipoli exhibition at the Army Museum of South Australia. The whaler boat was installed as part of the exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the historic landing at Gallipoli.

However, the boat required a custom steel frame to display it at a 45-degree angle so that visitors could see inside. Captain Wayne Birch, Assistant Manager, Army Museum of South Australia explained that the problem arose when they had to lift the 1.2 tonne timber boat from the transport trailer and place it onto the frame.

Equipment hire specialist Kennards Hire Lift & Shift supplied two aluminium gantries and four chain blocks; while the gantries enabled the boat to be elevated, the chain blocks positioned it so it could slot into the frame.

Four skates, also from Kennards Hire Lift & Shift, were placed under the steel frame, enabling it to be manoeuvred through the entrance of the museum safely over Masonite sheets to prevent any damage to the floor.

Wayne added that the advice received from Kennards Hire Lift & Shift on equipment that was best suited for the move was very helpful and made a difficult task much easier.

Kennards Hire Lift & Shift stocks an extensive range of winches in pneumatic, electric and manual operation up to 30 tonne in addition to material hoists and a wide range of cable hauling equipment including Capstan winches to 6.5 tonne and drum stands to hold up to 20 tonne.