Kennards Hire Lift & Shift announces the addition of Ingersoll Rand FA5i air winches to their impressive line-up of hoists and winches.

Ideal for a variety of tensioning applications, air winches are simple to operate, rugged, reliable and capable of enormous lifting and pulling power. Since air motors cannot burn out, they can be stalled all day without damage.

Ingersoll Rand FA5i air winches are suitable for the Australian environment with their ability to operate in hot, cold, dusty or wet conditions. Key benefits also include no electric shock hazard, no requirement for special enclosures, and no high-pressure hydraulic lines susceptible to leaks.

The latest acquisition by Kennards Hire Lift & Shift significantly expands the selection of winches that meet stringent specifications and industry regulations for their customers.

Key features of the Ingersoll Rand FA5i air winches include capability to hold 484 metres of 16mm rope, achieving five tonne-plus top lay pulling capacity with a line speed of up to 16 metres per minute; and operational air supply requirement of 700 CFM.

Combining cutting-edge technology and enhanced safety standards with reliability, Ingersoll Rand FA5i air winches meet the evolving needs of customers from diverse industry sectors including oil, gas and pipe laying, mining, manufacturing, telecommunications, electrical, and civil infrastructure.

Kennards Hire Lift & Shift also supplies a Dyneema fibre rope for use with the FA5I winch to provide increased site safety as it does not have the recoil force of steel wire rope in the event of breakage. The addition of the fibre rope has also reduced the overall operating weight from 1800kg down to 1100kg.