Kennards Lift & Shift  supplied 20 hydraulic cylinders to Thiess John Holland (TJH) for use in a bridge construction project in Brisbane.  

TJH is a joint venture between Thiess and John Holland Group to construct the 6.7km Airport Link toll road, Australia’s longest road tunnel.  

TJH hired the hydraulic jacks, each capable of lifting 100 tonnes and operating off just one pump for installing bearings on a bridge over the CLEM 7 tunnel, which runs beneath the Brisbane River.  

According to TJH project engineer Rashan Madawita, the 100-tonne capacity low profile jacks with tilt saddles and locking nuts required for the installation of these bearings were difficult to hire within Australia. But Kennards Lift & Shift was able to source them overseas and have them air freighted to Australia.  

Kennards Lift & Shift also helped TJH set them up, gave a demonstration and were available on the nights when the work was done.  

Kennards Lift & Shift had the hydraulic jacks on site just six days after receiving the request. The jacks operated off a single hydraulic split flow 100-litre capacity 3-phase pump, which was connected to four manifolds with 30m length hoses running to the 20 hydraulic cylinders.  

Kennards Lift & Shift was also able to meet a similar requirement for Rio Tinto, supplying 42 air hoists including having extra equipment rushed from overseas to bolster existing stocks.  

TJH also hired six 10-tonne pneumatic chain hoists for the Airport Link road project from Kennards to help with the dismantling of temporary concrete segmental tunnel rings, which were built to launch two tunnel boring machines.  

Kennards Lift & Shift operates equipment hire centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.