Kennards Lift & Shift  is of the opinion that the ability of rubber-tracked crawler cranes to fit through standard doorways is a huge benefit to hirers.

Craig Tracey, who operates Well-Done Welding, is among numerous contractors who use the Maeda manufactured MC285 crawler crane model, which measures 750mm wide, 2.715m long, and 1.44m high. These crawler cranes can be transported on a trailer behind a medium size 4WD or truck.

“We do a lot of installation, repair and dismantling work in plant rooms, where access
is tight,” he said.

“After using the Kennards’ machine on a regular basis, we decided to buy our own, but we still hire when we need more than one unit at a time.”

For bigger lifts, Well-Done Welding hires the larger MC405 crawler crane unit from Kennards Lift & Shift. This model, which is quite scarce in Australia, is capable of lifting up to 16.8 metres on the standard boom sections, with an optional fly jib extending vertical reach to a maximum 22 metres.

More information on the range of crawler cranes for hire is available from Kennards Lift & Shift.