Three conveyors hired from Kennards Lift & Shift were linked together to create a mini conveyor system to solve an access problem for ISIS during a project in the basement of a heritage-listed multi-storey building in Perth’s CBD.  

ISIS, one of Australia’s leading commercial property services groups had undertaken a project to transform the building’s basement, previously used as an archival storeroom into new staff amenities including change rooms, showers and toilets.  

The work involved removing the existing concrete slab and excavating the sandy soil to install a concrete tank measuring 2.5m in diameter and a height of 2.5m.  

Since the only access for machinery was a standard size door to the street, site manager Ian Cummings and project manager Bart Gabriel solved the problem with a one tonne excavator and a portable mini conveyor system.  

The mini-conveyor system, hired from Kennards Lift & Shift’s hire centre at Belmont consisted of three conveyors linked together, running from the basement to a small tipper in the street.  

Running off single phase power, the mini-conveyor system could be carried by two people, and was simple to set up and reposition. The mini-conveyor system was a better alternative to wheelbarrows.  

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