Kennards Lift and Shift  has added high lift pallet trucks to its range of pallet trucks available for hire, which already includes electric pallet trucks, pallet trucks with scales and rough terrain pallet carts.

The high lift pallet trucks are perfect for manoeuvring pallets and then maintaining an even work height as the pallet is emptied or filled.

The high lift pallet trucks have a minimum fork height of 80mm and a maximum fork height of 800mm, and can handle up to 1000kg.

A customer who does work for McDonalds which includes turning parts of a McDonald restaurant into an adjoining McCafe, regularly uses the high lift pallet trucks to install 400kg refrigerators which need to be lifted over the existing counters.

After hearing the job requirements, Lift and Shift staff suggested to place one high lift pallet truck on either side of the counter to raise and lower the fridge over the counter with ease. The customer was happy with this solution and has used this method ever since.

Along with the high lift pallet trucks available from Kennards Lift and Shift, rough terrain pallet carts are also available for hire which are great for manoeuvring pallets around outdoors and have large wheels to handle small obstacles.