Audi Australia’s new development in Sydney used a three tonne girder trolley and two 1.5 tonne gantry cranes from Kennards Lift & Shift to assist with the installation of two 1.8 tonne steel staircases.  

Aardvark Steel Construction, the company contracted to complete the building work, linked the gantries with the girder trolley and achieved double the lifting capacity as well as a single lifting point.    

Due to an access problem, Aardvark was unable to get a crane in, and the stairway opening made alternative methods of securing chain blocks extremely difficult.  

Aardvark often calls on Kennards Lift & Shift for help with difficult installations.  

Kennards Lift & Shift offer a range of gantry cranes for hire, including rolling gantries, with a capacity of up to five tonnes and beam spans up to six metres, and a lightweight aluminum model that lifts up to 1.5 tonnes, can be varied in height and has adjustable legs for uneven ground.