Kennards Lift & Shift has a range of gantry cranes available for hire, including an aluminium lifting crane of which there are only a few in Australia. The aluminium gantry crane can support 1,500Kg and has the added benefit of adjustable legs for uneven ground. The crane is also detachable and breaks down into 3 manageable components.

The Kennards Lift & Shift gantry cranes have been used in a variety of applications from aiding the installation of ultra high vacuum components for the synchrotron, a multi-million dollar project being built in Melbourne, to lifting and moving checkout registers at supermarkets.

Gibson Shopfitters oversaw a project where a supermarket chain decided to introduce larger sized trolleys for their customers. To accommodate the new size, the checkout registers needed to be refitted and Gibson Shopfitters hired a standard aluminium gantry able to lift 1500kg to help get the job done.

A 6m beam was positioned over 2 registers and a chain sling was used to lift and move the registers. According to Gibson Shopfitters, being able to position the gantry crane over 2 registers meant Gibson Shopfitters did not have to reposition and set up for each individual register which saved it a lot of time.

And Lift & Shift were helpful with technical information and were reliable in terms of delivering the product on time at the location needed.