Rio Tinto Aluminium recently requested 42 Kennards Lift & Shift 3 tonne and 6 tonne pneumatic chain hoist systems for use at one of its Gladstone operations. Additionally, an innovative 2.2 tonne winch solution was selected for use in the construction of Perth’s new tallest building, demonstrating Kennards growth in the heavy lifting equipment department.  

The company says it invested $500,000 in this equipment area last year, and outlaid an extra $240,000 for more new units from Germany to meet the mining company’s requirement for rapid delivery. There are now approximately 100 air hoists available for hire, with standard heavy lifting equipment capacities ranging from 500kg to 20 tonne, but also offering rare 50 tonne and 100 tonne air hoists on application.  

Schindler Lifts recently used a 2.2 tonne winch on Brookfield Multiplex’s new, 47-floor City Square project, which will be the new WA home of BHP Billiton. Graham Pagan, project manager of Schindler Lifts, required a solution for the issue of pulling elevator cables from the bottom to the top of the building.  

Felipe Bolivar, Kennards Lift & Shift’s Perth manager, “thought outside the square” and purchased a 2.2 tonne winch for the job, which his team modified by removing100m length of 16mm flexible steel wire rope and replacing it with 220m of 12mm rope to meet the job requirements.