A 4hp, petrol-powered Capstan winch hired from Kennards Lift & Shift recently hauled a total of 680 metres of 1200mm Telstra cable during the connection of a new building to the exchange.

Jsj Communications hired the winch, together with four corner rollers and split duct rollers, for the work carried out in Sydney’s CBD. The cable lengths ranged up to 356 metres.

Peter Agioski, Project Manager, explained, “No manpower can move those lengths of cable. But, with the right equipment and co-ordination, it need not be a difficult job.

“This equipment speaks for itself. If it was no good, we couldn’t do our job,” he added.

The first stage of the project involved a 175m length of cable being pulled through a conduit from manhole to manhole, with 35 metres of cable being brought above ground prior to it being fed back into a Telstra tunnel.

Kennards Lift & Shift also offers a new Greenlee electric capstan winch that has a maximum capacity of 8000lb (3.5 tonne pulling force) and features a force gauge which allows the customer to calculate the pulling force. This piece of equipment is especially favoured by mining companies and government utilities.

The new winch has a Pelican double braided cable pulling rope, with a breaking strain of four times its maximum rated capacity.

More information on these cable winches is available from Kennards Lift & Shift.