Trinity Demolition have hired three different floor preparation machines from Kennards Concrete Care for their reconstruction work in a Perth shopping complex.

The mini loaders, floor strippers and grinders, supplied by Kennards Concrete Care, helped Trinity Demolition in completing their renovation project in a better than expected time.

Trinity Demolition made use of the free, on-site advisory service to select the best equipment for the project.

The first task was to remove a 30mm high infill from an escalator void.

Other work involved stripping 2000 square metres of vinyl tiles and 500 square metres of ceramic tiles and preparing a floor area of 5000 square metres for new coverings.

A mini loader with a hydraulic-powered Polyplaner attached was put to work taking off the 30mm raised concrete section, measuring five metres by six metres.

Removing 13mm of concrete during each pass, the Polyplaner completed the job in two shifts.

The vinyl and ceramic floor tiles were removed by a ride-on, battery powered floor stripper, chosen for its agility and ease of operation.

Different blades were fitted for the two surfaces.

A four-head, heavy-duty grinder was brought in to remove the stubborn vinyl glue and ceramic adhesive and complete the overall preparation for new coverings.

Weighing nearly 700kg, the four 3phase motors require a special diamond grinding tool. Kennards Concrete Care’s A 5 segment hard bond croc diamond was used to complete the work.

Dust was kept to a minimum through the use of a large 3phase 32amp dust collector, a self-cleaning unit, connected to the grinder through a 5 inch vacuum hose.

Kennards Concrete Care have hire centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and a new outlet in Brisbane.