Kennards Concrete Care  supplied a self-propelled 250mm captive shot blaster to prepare the floor of a former railway workshop for epoxy coating.  

Screen Technics, a major supplier of projector screens and AV lifting devices in Australia and New Zealand hired the shot blaster from Kennards Concrete Care while expanding its operations into an adjoining property at Moss Vale.  

Production co-ordinator Brian Mathiasch and factory worker Jake Keenan, who shot-blasted the 800m² floor in preparation for a new epoxy coating described the machine as ‘exceptionally good’.  

According to Brian, the floor was full of little divots, but the shot blaster was able to remove the coatings, dirt and grime while profiling the concrete at the same time, allowing the coating to adhere better to the floor.  

Brian and Jake were very happy with the service provided by Kennards Concrete Care including an on-site demonstration and regular checks to see the progress of the job.  

Kennards Concrete Care offers a range of self-propelled and push-model shot blasters from 200mm to 300mm for hire. The Perth hire centre also offers a new handheld model.  

Kennards Concrete Care operates equipment hire centres in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.