Kennards Concrete Care, a specialist division of Kennards Hire, has added a 30" Diesel road saw to its vast range of equipment available for hire. The saw is a walk-behind, self propelled saw with a maximum cutting depth of 305mm and is powered by a 31hp Diesel engine.

The road saw has an easy-to-read depth guage and can cut either left or right. The Diesel engine allows a greater torque when cutting.

The road saw is also available as a 20" with a maximum cutting depth of 190mm and powered by a 20hp petrol engine.

In addition to the road saws, Kennards Concrete Care has also added an electric (415V) powered flat saw which industries consider to be a highly developed electric floor saw in regards to ergonomics and efficient performance.

The electric flat saw features dials on the handles which control the advance or raise and lower the speed. The poly V belt ensures optimum power transmission to the blade shaft and it has a cutting depth of up to 280mm.

The road saws and electric flat saw joins an already extensive range of cutting tools available for hire at Kennards Concrete Care.