A new ride-on shot blaster, which reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity in large areas such as car parks, warehouses, industrial plants and airport runways, can be hired from Kennards Concrete Care .

Able to cover up to 325 square meters per hour, the shot blaster cleans and profiles at the same time.

It will remove paint, rust and mill scale from steel; paint and markings from asphalt; and prepare concrete for re-coating or application of overlays. With a blast width of 40cm (16in), it can be adapted to remove line markings.

Airborne dust and contaminants are collected and contained through a 2600 cfm on-board vacuum system, with two dust bags which are easy to replace when full.

A rear access panel facilitates the changing of vacuum filters, while the vacuum’s reverse-pulse cartridge cleaning feature helps prolong filter life.

The machine is powered by a 49hp diesel engine.

There is a range of self-propelled and push-model shot blasters, ranging from 200mm to 300mm, all can be hired from Kennards Concrete Care. There are two hire centres in both Sydney and Melbourne, as well as outlets in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.