Kennards Concrete Care  offers a range of fan forced high pressure misting systems capable of suppressing hazardous dust conditions and unpleasant odours.  

Available in a choice of two models, Kennards’ misting systems are designed to provide an optimum work environment while also protecting neighbouring areas from the harmful effects of dust particles in the air. The mist is projected over a wide area by a fully automatic, oscillating ducted fan.  

The misting systems are ideal for use in industries including cement, coal and power generation, concrete and aggregate construction demolition, environmental remediation, landfills, mining and quarrying, recycling and scrap, steel and slag, waste transfer and wood processing.  

Larger misting systems are designed to handle challenging dust control jobs and can blanket up to 1950m² of area with dust and odour attracting water particles, ranging in size from 50 to 200 microns, the optimal size for agglomeration of particles.  

The smaller misting systems are designed for more confined areas and can effectively cover an area measuring up to 510m².  

Kennards Concrete Care operates a comprehensive network of equipment hire centres in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, offering equipment for concrete surface preparation, cutting, drilling, cleaning, demolition, dust control units, mixing and pumping.