Dust can be a major issue on building and construction sites, mines and quarries and it is for this reason Kennards Concrete Care are pleased to announce the arrival of DustBoss machines to all branches.

Darren Williams, Traxx Business Development Manager explains that employees health on-site and the close population will benefit from the wider availability of DustBoss machines to the market.

DustBoss employs Dust Control Technology developed by two professionals with a combined experience of over fifty years in bulk materials handling, including dust suppression and collection technologies, and is an industry leader in terms of innovation and quality.

The DustBoss dust and odour control systems provide excellent results and can blanket up to eleven thousand square metres with a fine mist of water droplets.

This ultra-fine mist captures airborne particles produced from dust and odours to prevent them from spreading.

DustBoss units are fully automatic, easily adaptable and completely portable.