A new industrial vacuum answers repeated requests by contractors for a vac that maintains suction on big jobs.

The Hilton Dust Eater, which is available for hire from Kennards Concrete Care , has a cyclonic action which spins the dust towards the end and sides of the collection bag, minimising the amount coming into contact with the filters.

It attaches to the dust ports of most of Kennards Concrete Care’s small and medium machines, providing a clean operating environment without the clouds of concrete dust associated with some other forms of dust collection.

Australasian Anti Slip used one of the new units with a concrete grinder while working at the entrance for a major shopping centre.

“It saves a lot more time and provides a lot more suction power as you do not have to constantly unblock the filter,” Louis Longe said. “A dust free environment is safer for operators and is often a requirement of clients, especially shopping centres.”

The Dust Eater is easy to use, maneuverable and customers report it to be robust. An exhaust silencer helps minimise noise normally associated with vacuum motors.

The rugged trolley truck stows all vacuum pipes, hoses and tools on board and is easy to move around. Dust is contained in a plastic bag which can be disposed of without the operator having to handle it.

The Dust Eater features maintenance free Teflon coated HEPA grade filters, and there is no visible exhaust dust even after prolonged continuous use. It has a powerful 2HP (240 volt) 3-stage bypass suction motor and an inbuilt, finely tuned, cyclonic action dust separator.

Kennards Concrete Care, a specialist division of the general equipment company Kennards Hire, has a full range of grinding and surface preparation equipment, with a machine for every job, depending on size, power and the application.