A ride-on floor scraper from Kennards Concrete Care has been proved as the most cost-effective method for removing cementitious grout during the conversion of a former Centrelink office into a restaurant.

After using a jackhammer to break up glazed ceramic tiles from a 2000sqm floor area, the Dordel Maintenance team began using a concrete mower to remove the 5mm thick grout residue. However, this method was slower than they had hoped for, so they asked Kennards Concrete Care about alternative ways of completing the job. This is not unusual because there are many variables involved in concrete surface preparation, and it is often a case of trying different machines to see which one is best on a particular job.

Kennards Concrete Care recommended the LPG-powered, ride-on scraper which can work indoors where there is good ventilation. The ride-on floor scraper fits through standard doorways and delivers high production rates.

According to Peter Orlowski who operated the machine for Dordel Maintenance, the ride-on scraper was expensive to hire, yet, it worked out to be cost effective in view of labour costs.

According to Angus Kennard, Managing Director, Kennards Concrete Care, they provide solutions to problems, and not just hiring equipment. When working on concrete surfaces, there are many variables and possible limitations that have to be considered. They include the hardness of the concrete, the product to be removed, surface finish required, whether it is inside or outside, is it a wet or dry environment, is there a need for dust control and what power source, if any, is available.

Kennards Concrete offer a free on-site advice service to help customers to work out the way they want to go.