A new, hydraulic powered hand saw, which cuts through concrete or rock to a depth of 200mm, has been introduced by Kennards Concrete Care .

Cutting to such a depth normally requires pre-cutting with a demolition saw before a ring saw is introduced.

However, the new saw is an all in one unit, used first to make a pre-cut and then a full incision.

The deep cutting concrete saw offers other advantages as well, including flush cutting, easy handling and greater reliability.

The saw can be used fume-free indoors with a remote petrol or three-phase hydraulic power pack from Kennards Concrete Care, which has outlets in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

A major feature of the saw is that the two-piece guard pulls apart easily to enable flush cutting. The deep cutting concrete saw’s 535mm diameter overside blade cuts to 200mm, even when the diamond blade is almost worn out.

While the size of the blade might easily give the impression that the saw is difficult to handle, it is in fact safe and ergonomic. Being well balanced, the operator does not experience inertia and swaying when starting up and slowing down.

The deep cutting concrete saw has a ramped start-up, taking about 15 seconds to attain full speed and allowing the operator total control.

The saw also offers advantages in reliability:

  • Unlike a ring saw, it has minimal moving parts, meaning less chance of mechanical failure
  • A built-in pressure relief valve enables the correct oil flow to the head, saving down-time while the seal is changed
  • The new Micro V belt is also quick and easy to adjust
  • A trigger on the hand control turns the water on and off instantly
  • The saw is powered by a 9.5ccm motor and without blades and hoses weighs 12kg