A section of concrete in a new industrial estate, which was damaged during construction, was restored to its original strength with the help of a Profiler 150, hired from Kennards Concrete Care .  

Australian Prestressing Services (APS) used the Profiler 150 to cut a series of 150mm wide, 25mm deep channels to allow the installation of carbon fibre, a heavy duty strengthening system for reinforced concrete.  

The profiler 150, which attaches to a mini loader, can be used for milling concrete, asphalt, tiles and mortar.  

The profiler 150 cuts up to 150mm wide and, on softer surfaces such as asphalt, to a depth of 100mm per pass.  

APS project manager George Sadlik said they tried a couple of different machines before finding the Profiler 150 was the best for the job.  

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