One of Kennards Concrete Care ’s large, mobile grout mix pumps was hired for remedial work on piers and pile caps on Captain Cook Bridge.

Constructed in 1965, Taren Point Bridge spans the Georges River in Sydney and is one of the largest cantilevered box girder structures in Australia.

Operating from a barge, the 415V grout mixer pump was used for several applications over a period spanning nearly a year.

Works supervisor Craig Yelavich said the remedial project to prolong the life ofthe bridge required areas of defective concrete to be removed and replaced with new concrete, which was pumped into fully sealed forms.

“We looked at various options, and decided the grout mix pumps were the best,” Mr Yelavich says. “They are fantastic because they have a separate mixing unit, which means you get a continuous pour.”

Kennards Concrete Care recommend these grout mix pumps for concrete rectification work on structures where voids need to be filled with high strength grout. They can also be used for spraying various render rock products.