Kennards Concrete Care  has announced a new partnership with Tennant, further upgrading their range of floor sweepers and scrubbers.

Renowned in the cleaning industry worldwide, Tennant has decided to partner with Kennards Concrete Care in the casual hire market. Tennant will continue to rent two models to a select client base and all other casual rentals will be channelled through Kennards.

Kennards Concrete Care has purchased the remainder of its substantial hire equipment fleet, along with a large number of new floor sweepers and scrubbers.

Kennards Concrete Care is set to expand the fleet progressively, with Tennant being the exclusive supplier and providing service, parts and training support.

Angus Kennard, managing director of Kennards Concrete Care, explained that Kennards Concrete Care’s customers would be the real winners from the partnership with a manufacturer that has a reputation for quality, innovation and customer focus.

“This is more than just about updating and expanding our range of sweepers and scrubbers,” he said.

“Through Tennant’s continuing involvement, our customers are always assured of modern, reliable and top-performing floor cleaning equipment.”

Mauro Compagnoni, Tennant’s general manager for Asia Pacific (Aust/Japan/Korea), said that the partnership was “a win-win” for both companies.

“Tennant has been the market leader globally for more than 140 years and does not enter business partnerships lightly,” he said.

“Our success is based on quality, innovation and superior customer service and, as a publicly listed company in the US, we are renowned for our culture of integrity and trustworthiness.

“This has led to the receipt of many awards, including being named by Forbes magazine as one of America’s most trustworthy companies and by Fortune magazine as one of the best 100 companies to work for in the US.

“We enter partnerships only with companies with similar values and reputation in the marketplace, and Kennards obviously has those attributes.

“This partnership allows us to access new markets by tapping into their expertise in the hire industry.

“We benefit from ongoing sales to Kennards as they hire out more and more Tennant machines, as well as through referrals when their customers decide to buy after a positive hiring experience.

“When Tennant receives inquiries for casual hire, we refer them to Kennards.”