Kennards Concrete Care  has expanded its range of dust control equipment for use during demolition or concrete grinding, profiling and planing.   Dust control equipment such as vacuums, separators and air cleaners can be hired from the Kennards Concrete Care outlets in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.  

Small, medium and large vacuums are available, with single or double dust bins, for connection to grinders, planers, shot blasters, mowers and other equipment with dust ports.  

Dust control equipment available includes the Hilton Dust Eater – exclusive to Kennards Concrete Care – for use with small to medium machines. The Hilton Dust Eater’s cyclonic action “spins” dust towards the end and sides of the bag, minimising contact with the filters.  

Vacuum dust control options include a wet-dry model and adding a booster motor to medium size vacuums to double suction. Separators, which are used with vacuums to reduce filter blockage, collect 93 per cent of dust before it enters the vacuum.  

Air cleaners can be used independently in small areas or to provide support on jobs where a vacuum is being used and are ideal where equipment does not have a dedicated dust port.