One of the Kennards Concrete Care 2500R concrete profilers and mini loaders was recently hired by Taylor Group Constructions for use during the refurbishment and upgrade of 680sq m of tiled external walkways within Wagga Wagga’s Sturt Mall.  

Local Government Super, the owner of Sturt Mall, required the shopping centre to remain operational during the construction so all of the demolition had to be carried out at night. Additionally, the process for tile removal had to ensure that the concrete substrate was reasonably smooth, so that it accommodate shoppers the next morning.  

Dave Taylor, manager of Taylor Group Constructions, discussed the situation with Kennards Concrete Care, who recommended the 2500R profiler and mini loaders, together with a medium industrial vacuum unit.  

Dave commends the performance of the concrete profilers , stating that “the machine was very good once our operators became familiar with the operation. Jackhammering was an option, but it would have been slower and left a fair amount of damage to the substrate.”  

“This method meant the tiles were removed to a standard that left us with only a minor amount of work to do before the new tiles were laid directly on to the surface. We also found the backup service from the Kennards Concrete Care team was excellent,” he added.