Kennards Hire have a new division they have introduced into the market to service the various trades in Australia with Concrete equipment.

Kennards Concrete Care operates on a concept of trying to make the job easier just like the Kennards Hire brand, and focuses on making available for hire all the trusted brands and equipment used in flooring and concreting.

“That’s the great catch with this. In concreting, flooring and surface preparation, tradies are dealing with materials that if used in the wrong way, could mean having to redo the entire job. Surfaces are not easily fixed, especially concrete, and it would mean a great amount of time and money trying to fix a mistake that could have been completed right the first time,” Kennards Concrete Care managing director Angus Kennard says.

“We realise that having the correct equipment is sometimes out of pocket for a small business. These types of superior equipment are extremely costly. For that reason, Kennards concrete care have provided that service and are trying to help by offering this type of equipment for hire.”

Kennards Concrete Care stocks a wide range of equipment for all the various surfaces and specialised jobs. From equipment that removes coatings such as walk behind scarifiers, stripping and grinding equipment such as Poly Planers, ride on profilers for milling concrete, asphalt tiles and mortar, floor strippers, dust collectors, sweepers, cleaners and mixers just to name a few.

The hire and rental industry has seen great growth in recent months, but Concrete equipment hire has not been seen as of yet, according to Kennards Concrete Care, which claims to be true innovators in the market addressing the need for this service.