Hydraulic shears hired from Kennards Concrete Care enabled a demolition contractor to meet strict noise and dust requirements during a project at the Art Gallery of NSW.  

Inner West Demolition used the hydraulic shears to remove a large number of steel cages from a storage area.  

“We were required to work with no fumes and no noise,” said Nick Kontrafouris who operates the business. “This left us no option but to use hydraulic shears and they did an excellent job for us.”  

Kennards Concrete Care says the job is a good example of the benefits that can be obtained from their range of hydraulic-powered tools, which include concrete and rock splitters, concrete crushers, brick-block crushers, chainsaws, demolition saws and 20-inch handheld saws in addition to hydraulic shears.  

Three power pack options are available for the product range including 240V for splitters and crushers, 3-phase electric power and petrol generator power.  

Hoses from 10m to 20m in length allow a power pack to be positioned well away from the work site, minimising noise and avoiding fumes.  

Hydraulic tools not only allow work in confined spaces and indoors, they have more torque than petrol-powered alternatives while also offering lightweight design advantages to the user.  

Multiple attachments can run off a single power pack adding to the convenience.  

The hydraulic shears used by Inner West Demolition can be used to cut metal pipes, water lines and metal framing in addition to disconnecting high power cables and sheet metal.  

Weighing 14kg, metal-cutting hydraulic shears have a cutting force of 214kN, separating force of 57kN and expanding width of 250mm.  

Kennards Concrete Care has opened a new hire centre in Adelaide, adding to locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, where the outlet has recently been relocated to Rocklea. 

The company has also published a new glove box size edition of their catalogue, detailing a wide range of equipment for concrete related jobs from demolition, grinding and stripping through to drilling, cutting and cleaning.