A ride-on floor sweeper-scrubber, hired from Kennards Hire Concrete Care to prepare a 200m² factory warehouse for a new tenant was described as ‘awesome’ by the project manager.
SW Thompson Building, which specialises in refurbishing buildings for major retailers, carried out the work on the building vacated by Target after 10 years of use. To ensure the building looked exactly as it did when the tenancy started, Nick Thompson, project manager for SW Thompson Building chose to use Kennards’ sweeper-scrubber to make the floor completely spotless.
Dave Mercia and Matt Betts, who operated the machine, said it made their job a lot easier. According to Dave, the ride-on floor sweeper-scrubber is quick, effective, and easy to use, even getting right up against the wall. They were given complete instructions on its operation and various functions including changing from sweeping to scrubbing mode by simply pushing a button, and emptying the waste compartments in no time.
Kennards Hire Concrete Care offers a wide range of cleaning and scrubbing machines for hire in partnership with Tennant, the leading name worldwide in the cleaning industry.
The ride-on floor sweeper-scrubber hired by SW Thompson Building is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, scrubs up to 137cm wide and sweeps up to 142cm wide. Sweeper-scrubbers available from Kennards Hire Concrete Care also include larger machines with a scrubbing width of 155cm wide and sweeping width of up to 160cm.