Kennards Concrete Care  have supplied high-quality equipment, which enabled a challenging grinding job to be carried out in Brisbane’s South Bank Parklands without causing a dust problem.

South Bank Corporation’s maintenance team had to remove a fibreglass membrane from two fountains adjoining food outlets.

Kennards Concrete Care supplied three heavy-duty single phase grinders and large vacuum units, which not only suck up dust robustly, but also have a silencer to minimise noise.

Each of the grinders was fitted with a new poly crystalline diamond (PCD), providing a much more aggressive cut than conventional diamonds and allowing the fibreglass membrane to be removed in one pass. This made the job much quicker than would have been the case had conventional tooling been used.

Scott Tweddell, Maintenance Manager for South Bank Corporation, said that, being school holidays, there were a lot more people enjoying the parklands.

“But the equipment worked extremely well, and we had no complaints from the public or the retailers,” he said.

Sub-contractor, Greg Reynolds, who operates Franchise Engineering, said being able to use three grinders and more aggressive diamonds allowed him to get the job done much more quickly.

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