Fugen Construction is building the zone substation for EnergyAustralia at Kogarah in Sydney. As a part of the project, due for completion late in 2009, the concrete slab had to be scarificed so that a topping could be laid. Following a free site inspection to assess the best equipment for the job, Kennards Concrete Care provided two 415V, 10 inch planers, each connected to a heavy-duty, industrial vacuum unit. As an extra measure, a new dust extractor was also recommended.

A combination of dust collection and extraction machines, hired from Kennards Concrete Care, ensured worker safety during construction of the electricity substation. These units which operate on 240V 10A power, have a fan that is 500mm in diameter, and produce a flow capacity of 6800cfm. They can be used with or without a sock attachment. The sock which was used at the substation is 7m long and 1.2m in diameter when inflated. Zippers allow the contents to be emptied and the sock washed.

According to Robert Zukowski, Foreman, Fugen Constructions, dust extraction was a major priority during the concrete planning because of the enclosed nature of the new building. The combination of the two different types of machines offered an environment that was dust free.

The new topping on the concrete slab was needed because of the electrical machinery to be used in the substation. The machinery will be big and on uni struts, so the slab should have a plus or minus tolerance of 1mm over 3m. This is unachievable with standard concrete so they had to do a topping slab, 32MPa to 90MPa, in various areas, and with 65mm thickness. Kennards Concrete Care has outlets in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.