Kennards Concrete Care  has introduced hand-held concrete and rock splitters for demolition in areas where larger equipment cannot be used.

Hydraulic pressure provides more than 400 tonnes of splitting force in a process which is fast, quiet, vibration-free and easy to control.

These lightweight devices are ideal for areas, which are difficult to access or where conventional demolition equipment is ruled out because of resulting dust, flying debris, vibrations, noise or exhaust fumes.

The splitting cylinder functions according to the proven wedge principle, and is highly effective, because rock and concrete are much more susceptible to force applied internally rather than externally.

Work starts with a hole of a precise diameter and depth being drilled into the concrete or rock. The wedge set, consisting of one wedge and two counter wedges, is then inserted into the drill-hole.

Hydraulic pressure from a power pack drives the wedge forward, forcing the counter wedges apart and results in the material splitting within seconds.

By enlarging counter wedges, the split can be expanded to its maximum width. Reinforcing rods break or can be cut up with a suitable power tool, such as combi shears, another new item recently introduced by Kennards Concrete Care.

Hydraulic splitters can be used on all sorts of concrete structures as well as rock and stone, and are even effective under water.

Kennards Concrete Care has associated equipment, including hydraulic combi shears, brick jaws, concrete jaws and sickle blades.

Kennards Concrete Care has hire centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and equipment can be delivered Australia-wide.