With the help of a 415V continuous mixing pump, hired from Kennards Concrete Care , the door frame grouting during construction of a $42 million apartment complex in Wollongong, NSW, ran quickly and efficiently.
The Pioneer Sands development includes 42 motel serviced apartments, 56 residential apartments, restaurant, gymnasium, function room, shops and a swimming pool.
JABBcorp site co-ordinator Brad Newton said grout had to be pumped around door frames to comply with fire ratings.

“We were looking for an efficient way to do this, and the guys at Kennards Hire Corrimal put us on to Kennards Concrete Care,” he said.
“The continuous feed of this mixing pump was ideal.

"Once we got the consistency right, it flowed really well and definitely saved us a fair bit of time,” he added.
The continuous mixing pump unit, designed for high volume applications, can mix and pump 100 to 180 bags of grout with up to 3mm of aggregate per hour. It can also be used for spray mortars, plasters and other fireproof materials, simply emtpy the material into a dry hopper, from where they are fed into a mixing and pumping chamber.
Kennards Concrete Care have outlets in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. They also hire non-continuous grout mixing and pumping machines and grout mixers that do not pump.