A team from Minova Australia was impressed with the performance of a 415V continuous mixing pump during a demonstration provided by Kennards Concrete Care .

The continuous grout mixer can continuously mix and pump up to 180 bags of grout per hour, with a maximum of 3mm aggregate if required. The continuous grout mixer can also be used to spray render, plasters and other fireproof material continuously.

Continuous grout mixers can pump to a height of 10 meters (depending on the product), making it handy for multi story building work.

As part of the giant Orica group, Minova Australia manufactures, supplies and installs underground ventilation devices and chemical strata support products, including various grouts, for the mining and tunnelling industries.

Chris Fox, Minova Australia’s technical development officer, organised the demonstration with Kennards Concrete Care’s projects manager Konrad Stempniak.

“We wanted to see if we could pump our grouts through a continuous mixer, and by searching the Internet we found Kennards Concrete Care hires these machines,” Chris said.

“Working underground, we have traditionally used a batch mixer-pump, mixing five to six bags of grout at a time.

“We thought a continuous mixer could save us a fair bit of time.”

Strabinder HS Slow Set is a high strength, slow setting pumpable grout that is manufactured by Minova Australia and was used in the demonstration.

“The results were very good,” Chris said.

“You just have to adjust the water flow until you get the consistency you want, and then set the water ratio accordingly.

“I think this machine would be valuable for a lot of civil works applications, as well as in hard rock mines.”

Kennards Concrete Care also has various hire equipment including batch grout mixing and pumping machines which are ideal for smaller amounts of product applications.