Traditionally doing a job such as removing bitumen membrane of a concrete surface would be an extremely difficult job, taking up a lot of time, labour and money.

However, Kennards Concrete Care – a division of the Kennards Hire group realised the need for these types of tasks. Buying this sort of equipment was not practical, so Kennards Concrete Care have stocked various types of concrete specific equipment and made them available for hire.

The Concrete planer is just one of the many Concrete Specific equipment Kennards Concrete Care stock. The Concrete Planer 10’’ Petrol Kit is used to chip away at any surface making it ready for re-topping, water proofing or painting. It can remove all types of coatings; paint, epoxy and glue. So removing the bitumen is not a problem for the strength of this equipment. It can also rough up for improved traction, level uneven concrete and prepare concrete for retopping.

“Having this sort of equipment for hire is a great idea from Kennards. It puts a load of work off many tradesmen’s backs and saves us a load of money too,” says Brian Booth from Polyseal Waterproof Building and Remedial Contractors.

Kennards Concrete Care delivers Australia wide, with a branch to open in Melbourne in 2006.