A new, self-propelled, eight inch captive shot blaster, which can be hired from Kennards Concrete Care , is suitable for work in confined spaces in industrial, commercial and residential settings.

The captive shot blaster is used to prepare concrete surfaces for the application of paint, coating or overlays, as well as for other purposes such as removing line markings and providing non-slip protection in wet areas.

The captive shot blaster is suitable for areas of 100 to 300sqm, while being capable of more if needed, and is suitable for work in locations ranging from warehouses, factories and workshops to shopping centres, entertainment venues and homes.

The shot blaster manoeuvres easily around machinery and other obstacles, and in and out of rooms. It can also be used on steel to profile a surface and remove hard materials such as chlorinated rubber.

The captive shot blaster can cover up to 40sqm an hour, and the self-propelled feature eliminates operator fatigue.

The captive shot blaster is a heavy-duty unit but lighter (150kg) than larger shot blasters, making it easier to transport and handle. Powered by a 3KW motor, it operates off 240V, which is handy for work in homes.

The captive shot blaster provides a consistent and uniform blast pattern over a width of 200mm (8in) at a working speed of 0.5 to 23m per minute. It is 1.31m long, 0.4m wide and 1.4m high. A dust collector attaches, ensuring a safe, comfortable working environment.

Eight inch (200mm) push-along shot blasters, with removable guards, allowing access right up to edges, as well as the 415V, 10 inch (250mm) model are also available from Kennards Concrete Care.