BOMAG has replaced the third generation of single-drum rollers with the Dash 4 product series. It features a curved front frame which reduces build-up of material when compacting cohesive soils with pad foot drums. It also improves access to the scrapers for maintenance, inspection and repair work. Wear-resistant steel used for scrapers on pad foot drums extends the life of this component. The composite hood is not standard plastic but dicyclopentadiene (DCPD), a reactive polyolefin with a claimed an impact resistance four times higher than the fibre glass reinforced plastic (FRP). On-site impacts which can damage FRP leave no mark on the DCPD used.

All DH/PDH models are equipped with a liquid crystal display with transreflective glass, so problems with legibility caused by direct sunlight are now minimised. In the footwell under the info-centre a heater is provided (optional heating/climate control), which ensures optimal temperatures in the cab. The internal components too have been upgraded. All DH/PDH single drum rollers are powered by electronically controlled engines with load-dependent speed regulation. This can reduce fuel consumption by 30 per cent and more and also reduces noise levels.

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IN ADDITION to the traditional triangle logo, Sykes have developed a new logo which will be used to strengthen the company’s identity and to provide subliminal character to its products. Sykes new “living” logo profiles Sykes while reinforcing the values of the brand. The elephant is used to symbolise reliability, robustness, strength, sturdiness, dependability, trustworthiness and consistency. Named after the founder of Sykes Pumps, Henry will appear in all Sykes advertising and promotional material whilst also featuring on all new Sykes Pumps. This means that the new Sykes badge will be seen on pumps around the world early next year.

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INGERSOLL-Rand (IR) has recently appointed CAPS Australia, as their sole distributor for all Air Solutions (compressors) and Productivity Solutions (tools) products, other than specialty tools. This change of distributorship will be effective January 2006. CAPS has been distributing IR products in the Australian market place for the past 25 years. IR’s Industrial Technologies general manager, Terry Rutherford says that the “Ingersoll-Rand worldwide warranty stands firmly behind any IR product purchased from CAPS Australia,” and any warranty issues within Australia will be handled by CAPS on behalf of IR. CAPS have a nation-wide network of branches spanning Australia, being present in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Adelaide, Townsville, Perth and Kalgoorlie. CAPS’ projects and manufacturing facility based in Welshpool WA can custom manufacture or modify any equipment to suit a business or projects needs. The design and manufacture is available of pressure vessels, compressor packages, blowers and special projects.

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BT EQUIPMENT has just released the Mustang telehandler model 742 with a 12.7m reach and 3t maximum load capacity, along with the two other deluxe series models – 944 (13.3m, 4t) and 1155 (16.6m, 5t). An adjustable boom speed control, three steering modes, a tight turning radius and the Work Platform Safety (WPS) combine to expand the Mustang telehandlers duties in the field. The WPS system allows for the safe use of a personnel work platform attached to the forks. Once the WPS is activated, the system senses the altitude of the machine, neutralizes the transmission, applies the parking brake, disables the fork tilt and auxiliary hydraulic circuits and restricts use of the frame levelling circuit providing platform workers with a stable environment. The WPS adds additional safeguards for platform workers – a remote shutdown switch that gives workers on the platform the ability to stop boom movement if needed.

The Mustang family also includes two value series telehandlers models – the 642 (12.7m, 2.75t) and the 844 (13.3m, 3.5t) which are built with the budget conscious operator in mind. All models incorporate low emission John Deere diesel engines. The deluxe series offer both high and low profile boom configurations. The low profile boom allows for great visibility all around the unit. The high profile boom provides for a wide open view of the rear frame area.

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CEMINTEL Commercial Rendaline is a new light weight exterior façade system designed to provide a textured finish on commercial buildings. Its jointing and texture coating system offers a durable façade which is easy to install. Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems now offers the option of both flush and expressed joint systems, creating a range of looks that suits both contemporary and traditional design. The system includes panels supported by vertical top hat framing, and fixed with concealed screws. Sheeting is isolated from the main structure, providing weather tightness and flexibility, while also achieving a monolithic finish. With the ability to be fixed to timber, steel and masonry substrates, the 8 mm Rendaline sheet, is manufactured from autoclaved, cellulose fibre reinforced cement and is available in sizes 1,200 x 2,400 mm or 1,200 x 3,000 mm – allowing the Rendaline System to be used on most building types.


WORKING in confined spaces is one of the largest contributors to workplace fatalities. Lack of oxygen, or poisonous gases or fumes is a major problem since air can become contaminated with poisonous gases without the worker noticing. The gas detector is capable of monitoring one to four gases simultaneously and continuously. The gases it will detect include CO, H2S, O2 and combustible gases in a wide variety of hazardous and confined space applications. Kennards Lift & Shift is now offering gas detectors for hire. It can be delivered to sites Australia wide along with advice on using it correctly.


AUSTRALIA’s Transport Ministers have unanimously approved draft legislation for 26m B-doubles. Administrative guidelines for approving cab strength and front underrun protective (FUP) system standards have been developed by the National Transport Commission to assist implementation by states and territories. A fact sheet has also been published to inform truck owners of the compliance requirements for 26m B-doubles. Implementation of 26m B-double legislation will allow the present length of 25m to be exceeded provided the:

distance between the point of articulation at the front of the leading semi trailer and the rear of the combination is not over 20.6m; and

prime mover is fitted with a UN ECE R93 compliant FUP system; and

prime-mover’s cab complies with UN ECE R29 if it has a date of manufacture after 2005; and

prime mover does not have a load carrying area; and

is not over 26m long.


SCAF-Loc is a ladder that attaches to any heavy duty scaffold and is able to be opened or locked in moments. Either the site supervisor can open the ladder in the morning, or tradesmen can be provided with a key to access the scaffold when required. At the end of the day, or when no work is required on the scaffold, the ladder is locked preventing unauthorized access. All parts of a Scaf-Loc ladder can be replaced and it is rated to 160 kg.

As the Scaf-Loc is connected to the scaffold it hangs free from the ground, this means one can fit it to uneven ground at the base of a scaffold or connect it to any intermediate level of the scaffold. Every ladder has a serial number that allows tracking and recovery of stolen ladders.

The Scaf-Loc can also be fitted with a secondary lock-out. It is possible to isolate the scaffold (or a section of the scaffold). Or the scaffold installers can isolate incomplete or unsafe sections of the scaffold.

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AUSTRALIAN Turntable Company was established in Bendigo in 1987 as a manufacturer of small exhibition displays but recently the company has taken its technology into progressively larger applications. A unique project was the creation of a suspended rotating clock, weighing about 3t with multiple moving parts, which is a major feature of the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney and is regarded as the world's largest installation of its type. This led to the design and installation of a large rotating theatre stage for the National Museum in Canberra.

Three years ago the company established systems to export its expertise and products. Current major projects won against international competition, include a large 24m diameter revolving restaurant for the Sports City Tower Building in Qatar and a revolving bar, 11m in diameter, for a shopping centre in Dubai. A newly formed division Revolving Rooms Worldwide, has been established to design and build special rooms in high rise towers and penthouse apartments, which combine state of the art kinetic architecture with electronic remote control for rotating lounge, living, bedroom or home theatre rooms with a view.

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KENNARDS Concrete Care is scheduled to open a branch in Melbourne around the Clayton area and in January 2006. Realising that concrete needs specific knowledge and expensive equipment, hire guru Angus Kennard decided that having a specialist division to pay attention to this was a smart idea. Kennards Concrete Care is one of three specialist division for Kennards Hire. Other divisions include Kennards Lift and Shift who specialise in the lifting carrying and pulling gear and Kennards Ground care which deals with land care and turf equipment. Kennards Concrete Care has set up a 1300 number and a new website with a downloadable catalogue and a library of concrete specific equipment to assist customers. From concrete grinders to shotblasters, the specifications are available on with images and some videos.

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DEVINE, a developer of affordable housing estates, is now building its high-rise apartment complexes in preference to contracting out the construction. Managing director David Devine says establishing an in-house apartment building division was “a necessary strategic move to improve the company's quality control standards.” The CBD is the fastest growing residential area in Brisbane with a vacancy rate at an all time low of only 1.4 per cent, according to figures from the Real Estate Institute of Queensland. The company has recognised that there is a new demographic of astute buyers looking for quality inner-city apartments with all the modern lifestyle infrastructure included in the complex. Casino Towers was the company's last CBD high-rise that used outsourced labour and was completed in September 2005. Devine has two more towers, Festival and Charlotte, under construction.

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