Kenco Wire Fence & Gate  provide custom fabrication of woven wire mesh partitions, window guards, jail and prison equipment, folding gates and tenant storage bins. Miscellaneous iron fabrication service is also provided. Kenco Wire Fence & Gate was established in 1978 and have over 60 years of combined experience in the fabrication industry. Kenco Wire Fence & Gate provide quality products to the customers.

Kenco Wire Fence & Gate supply its products to schools, commercial and industrial buildings, hospitals, institutions, jails and prisons. Kenco Wire Fence & Gate are members of the Woven Wire Products Association and the American Correctional Association.

Kenco Wire Fence & Gate offer standard and heavy duty wire meshes. A variety of wire combinations in different sizes and spacing are also available. Squared off rectangular patterns of woven wires and various channel sizes are offered by Kenco Wire Fence & Gate. Panels can be customised to any width with a maximum of up to 5 inches. Kenco Wire Fence & Gate use standard wire mesh in vertical frames, horizontal frames, hinge and sliding doors. All doors are banded on all the four sides with 1/8 inch thick flat bar.