Kenco Wire Fence & Gate  offer airway grating enclosures, detention equipment, metal window guards, picket fences, plate wall systems and steel access doors and frames. Psychiatric screens, security hollow metal, skylight subframes, steel lintels, water filtration screens, wire mesh partitions and window guards are also available from Kenco Wire Fence & Gate. Kenco Wire Fence & Gate have a full service iron shop for bending and shearing platework processes.

Kenco Wire Fence & Gate offer diamond lattice folding gates which are made of single channels. Folding gates are made of steel, bronze and aluminium and are finished in customised colours.

Kenco Wire Fence & Gate offer detention doors and frames which have flush design construction without any seams or joints. Detention doors are internally stiffened to adhere to the requirements of detention facilities. Doors and frames are constructed of 12 or 14 gauge material and are custom fabricated to accept security hardware. All hollow metal is pre-prepped for easy hardware installation.

Kenco Wire Fence & Gate provide steel bar grillage which is constructed of tool resisting or mild steel materials. Kenco Wire Fence & Gate supply all items related to the jail and prison industry.