KCA Steel Furniture  is an Australian company having 20 years of experience in manufacturing steel. KCA Steel Furniture has recently introduced Italian restaurant chairs which are available in different models. KCA Steel Furniture manufactures chairs for different purposes including chairs which can be used for dining and budget chairs.

Variety of stools are also manufactured in KCA Steel Furniture. Dining Settings, tables, office furniture, furniture used for educational purpose and commercial furniture are the other products manufactured by KCA Steel Furniture.

KCA Steel Furniture also manufactures booths according to the requirements of the customers. KCA Steel Furniture offers products which can be used by customers of different age groups. The other products from KCA Steel Furniture are T.V. stand, bed side draw, lamp table, utility table, kids chair, school desk and school locker.

For manufacturing the furniture KCA Steel Furniture makes use of timbers, vinyl, fabrics, laminates, steel of different textures and colours.

KCA Steel Furniture also offers imported products. Products from KCA Steel Furniture are interchangeable and the customers can select individual products. KCA Steel Furniture’s website gives the catalogue of its different products.