A kinetic feature made with Kaynemaile™ mesh screens is drawing attention at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Designed by inspirational kinetic artist Ned Kahn, the striking kinetic feature is installed on the parking garage exterior, creating interest when the screens gently blow in the breeze. The use of the mesh screens on the parking garage serves to connect the interior with the exterior of the building.

Kaynemaile worked with Kahn and the architects at Schooley Caldwell Associates to develop the design for the kinetic feature, which consists of three mesh screens measuring a total of approximately 9,006 sq. ft.; each screen is made from a single piece of mesh. The screens were installed by Kaynemaile installer Wanner MetalWorx.

Designer Kahn chose Kaynemaile based on their previous collaborations on a number of his architectural scale artworks. Kaynemaile is a cost-effective solution for kinetic work, which harnesses the unique properties of the product.

"This project has been a tremendous success and has been very well received in the city," said Steven A. Munger of Schooley Caldwell.

Kaynemaile mesh has also been used as a ceiling feature inside the convention centre’s Union Ballroom; therefore, the architects and the event centre’s management were aware of the product and were highly supportive of the material selection for the parking garage installation.

Kaynemaile mesh is strong and quick to install, requiring less sub-frame than other materials in a similar application.

Kaynemaile can produce mesh screens in unlimited sizes without joins or seams.

Photography: Steven A. Munger