Kaynemaile™ exterior screens added the perfect finishing touch to two stunning duplex townhouses in Sydney.

Located in the heart of Leichhardt, Sydney, the two architecturally designed luxury homes feature Kaynemaile’s metal effect steel coloured mesh screens that fit beautifully with the material selection of the townhouses while adding the functional benefits of solar shading and privacy screening across the bedroom and bathroom on the first floor.

Manufactured from engineering-grade polycarbonate, Kaynemaile’s unique properties reduce solar heat gain into the building envelope by up to 70% without losing visual transparency. The 3D nature of Kaynemaile mesh means an open structure of around 80% can be achieved, giving you high airflow around your home.

By protecting the building from harsh sunlight without restricting the cooling effects of air movement, Kaynemaile mesh screens can help reduce the reliance on air conditioning, which in turn, will lower the home’s total energy costs.

Kaynemaile mesh screens can be made to any height or width without joins.

Committed to reducing the environmental footprint of their business, Kaynemaile ensures that they make only what they need in their unique manufacturing process. All Kaynemaile materials are fully recyclable using low-energy methods.

“Absolutely loving the outcome of this record breaking residential cladding. Simplicity of this natural timber cladding by Sculptform and edgy solar reducing mesh by Kaynemaile looks the goods!” - Denis Sinilov, Metric Interiors

Photography: Tony Savelli, Revolver Media