Kaynemaile™ introduces Edit:01, a limited-edition range of interior screens for architectural and design projects. Manufactured from NYCxDesign Architectural Product of the Year winner, Kaynemaile architectural mesh, the new interior screens are ideal for creating intimate spaces in open plan environments.

Kaynemaile traces its origins to the film sets of The Lord of The Rings trilogy where Kayne Horsham worked as an artistic director for the Creatures, Armour and Weapons department. Kayne invented a lightweight version of chain mail to be used as faux metal armour on the costumes of orcs and elves to cut down on weight, yet still look the part.

Horsham’s interest in chain mail continued after the completion of the film series, as he worked further to reduce its inherent weakness – the link in the ring. After considerable experimentation, he patented a liquid-state assembly process to produce the mesh.

This redeveloped chain mail is now Kaynemaile, a strong and durable yet lightweight polycarbonate armour popularly used in award-winning architecture and design projects globally. The mesh is made employing a low energy, zero-waste process in a small factory in Petone, New Zealand and is fully recyclable.

The highly versatile architectural mesh finds application on building facades as well as interiors, and is used to create large scale kinetic art forms.

Kaynemaile’s new limited-edition Edit:01 interior screens are easy to install, with each screen supplied fully assembled with a smart track and fixing system. The screen can simply be lifted into place once hooks are installed. Weighing only 3kg per square metre, the lightweight screens are easy to attach to almost any ceiling. Each screen is 1 metre wide and available in three different lengths, 2.4m, 2.7m and 3.0m.

Recommended for retail, hospitality, office and home environments, Edit screens are available in the popular Kaynemaile colours of Water Clear, Obsidian Black and Bronze.

Kaynemaile’s Edit interior screens are perfect as space dividers for creating private areas with visual transparency within an open plan design. The mesh screens can be used to section off a part of a room or multiple screens can be used to create two spaces within a larger area. By allowing approximately 80% airflow through the cross-sectional open area, Kaynemaile mesh helps maintain compliant air movement in interior spaces.

Edit screens will be available in New Zealand and Australia only, and in limited numbers.