Kaynemaile™ mesh was used to create new screens for the exterior of the All Saints Anglican School Boarding House to reduce solar gain.

Designed by Burling Brown Architects, All Saints Anglican School is a private co-educational school established in 1987 under the aegis of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane. Located on a 40-hectare campus in the Gold Coast Hinterland, the school needed a solution to cool the interiors in the hot sub-tropical Brisbane climate.

Kaynemaile worked with the architects to develop unique solar screens to sit over the windows.

Two screens made from bronze mesh and measuring 26 square metres each were fixed on the sides of the building, while two large horizontal screens in Azure Blue ran across the front and back of the building. Each screen was fitted to a metal subframe that was attached to the building exterior.

The subframe had a wave form with the mesh stretched across it to create the sculptural three-dimensional wave effect. The undulating 3D waves of mesh were bold and eye-catching, with the soft organic form creating highly engaging facades on all sides of the building.

Kaynemaile mesh significantly reduces both radiant heat through direct sunlight (EMR) as well as thermal conductive heat entering the interior of a building by up to 70 per cent. This allows effective management of passive solar gain without compromising natural light or visual transparency.

Photographer: Carole Margand