Kaynemaile™ Armour, an architectural mesh screen for building exteriors was specified by architects for a retail façade to provide both sun resistance and inside-out visibility.

Designed by Thomas Chong of Thomas Chong Architects Ltd and Brynn McCauley of BMC Architecture, the retail building features custom pyramid forms on the façade wrapped in Kaynemaile Armour screens. Installed by Kaynemaile and GRJ Developments, the architectural mesh screens protect the building’s interior from the extreme sun by providing solar shading without compromising the visibility from the inside. The unique installation highlights the material properties of Kaynemaile Armour including strength, flexibility and rigidity, all in a lightweight package.

Though the building is located in close proximity to the ocean, the non-corrosive nature of the polycarbonate architectural mesh screens ensures Kaynemaile Armour outperforms other traditional materials.

"We have been fascinated to see the façade changing its appearance over the course of a day –transforming from an undulating bronze veil in the morning into gold pyramids when in direct sunlight in the afternoon.”

—Thomas Chong, Thomas Chong Architects Ltd

Exterior Kaynemaile Armour

Kaynemaile Armour is a highly versatile material recommended for exterior environment applications such as façade cladding, rain and wind screening, and solar shading.

Kaynemaile Armour can customise their exterior screens for existing or new buildings, with solutions ranging from single-piece flat screens for retail façades to multi-screen sculptural car park building installations.