A honeycomb ceiling feature created using Kaynemaile™ mesh is a standout centrepiece at the Comvita Wellness Lab in Auckland, New Zealand.

A global market leader in mānuka honey, Comvita created their new Wellness Lab in the Viaduct, Auckland as an experiential space that seamlessly integrates nature and science, taking guests on a multi-sensory experience into honey, mānuka and bees.

The Wellness Lab serves as a response to the acceleration and adoption of new retail experiences for brands that deliver immersive and memorable experiences, which are less about stock and more about education, entertainment and building community – bringing a truly unique approach to traditional retail.

Designed by Naomi Rushmer – Blur the Lines, the ceiling feature replicates a honeycomb's geometric patterns, further enhanced by the bronze colour Kaynemaile mesh used to create it. Having previously used Kaynemaile mesh for the Crowne Plaza Hotel ceiling feature in Christchurch, Rushmer knew the product would work well at the wellness centre.

Kaynemaile interior ceiling features offer a cost-effective and efficient way to create dramatic centrepieces for foyers, reception and entrance areas or any location where you need a standout design element. Kaynemaile ceiling features are lightweight and work beautifully with feature lighting.

Kaynemaile mesh is fire-resistant, has high airflow, and is lightweight, enabling speedy installation.

Photography: Comvita