A patented, award-winning technology from Kaynemaile™ is making waves across the world for its immense application versatility in building and installation projects. Kaynemaile has reimagined the 2000- year-old chain mail into a unique polycarbonate architectural mesh called Kaynemaile Armour that’s widely used globally for exterior facade screens. Kaynemaile Armour helps reduce light energy transmission by up to 75 percent, providing designers and users excellent control over passive solar heat gain within the building envelope.

Being lightweight, Kaynemaile Armour can be easily installed and doesn’t need the same level of fixings or substructure as traditional metal mesh products. The fast and efficient installation reduces the construction program and achieves savings in the project budget.

Kaynemaile recently installed a 54-metre x 18-metre screen for the Agostino Group building in Adelaide. Screens can be manufactured to any height or width without joins.

Additionally, Kaynemaile works collaboratively with architects and designers on creative installations. In 2015, Kaynemaile partnered with American artist Ned Kahn on a unique kinetic installation named Enagua as part of the new Playa Vista development in Los Angeles. The 30-metre-tall kinetic installation wraps itself around the parking complex façade, connecting the streetscape to various access points and the upper floors of the surrounding buildings. Called Enagua after the Latin-American garment that gives volume and fullness underneath a dress, the kinetic installation is made of rippling Kaynemaile Armour ribbons to resemble billowing fabric.

The design of the installation evolved through extensive collaboration between Kaynemaile, Ned Kahn and his team, and project architects Johnson Fain of Los Angeles.